Criminal Defense

The Law Offices of Jodi Zils Gagne, LLC, is dedicated to providing the best representation available to those under investigation or prosecution for crimes. Our legal team is committed to superior performance and results, earned through tireless effort and the highest ethical standards.

DUI Defense

Whether it is your first DUI, a repeat offense or a DUI with aggravating factors, you should never go to court without an attorney. The criminal penalties have gotten tougher and there are other considerations such as the impact on future employment.

Drug Possession

Law enforcement devotes great resources to investigating drug offenses, and the harsh punishments are out of proportion to the crime. If you are caught up in the so-called war on drugs, you will need a skilled and experienced lawyer to protect you.

Theft & Burglary

An arrest for theft is embarrassing and scary, and employers take a dim view of people with convictions for larceny or trespassing. With the right legal representation, you may be able to keep this regrettable incident off your record or limit the penalties.

Sex Crimes

Sex offenses are punished harshly, including the possibility of years in prison and lifetime sex offender registration. No matter what the allegations, the police must honor your constitutional rights and the prosecution must prove its case. Don’t say a word without talking to a lawyer first.

White Collar Crime

Long gone are the days when the government was “soft” on white collar criminals. To the contrary, state and federal agencies devote major resources to investigating fraud and financial crimes, and judges are handing down stiff prison sentences.

Gun Crime

The fervor over violent crimes and gun control puts the spotlight on those accused of gun crimes. Police want guns off the street. Prosecutors and judges want to be viewed as tough. The Connecticut Legislature has just passed some of the strictest gun laws in the nation in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Appeals & Post Convictions

Just because you had “your day in court” doesn’t mean that justice was done. The outcome could have been skewed by constitutional violations, judicial error, prosecutor misconduct or your lawyer’s incompetence. Or maybe the conviction was justified but the sentence was not.

Probation Violation

It is not always easy to go straight or strictly adhere to the terms of your probation. One misstep can result in a formal violation of probation (VOP), which must be taken seriously. If your probation is revoked, the court can impose the original jail sentence and penalties — in addition to any new punishment.

Personal Injury

If you were injured by someone’s carelessness or intentional acts, the legal team at the Law Offices of Jodi Zils Gagne, LLC, can protect your rights and maximize your compensation.

Car Accidents

You may have serious injuries. The other driver may be clearly at fault. But without a good lawyer on your side, you may not be fully compensated after being injured in a car accident. The insurance companies will treat you differently if you are not represented — namely in the form of lowball settlements.

Workplace Discrimination

Race • Gender • Age • Religion • Mental or Physical Disability • Pregnancy

Both Connecticut and Federal law prohibit workplace discrimination. Discrimination can take many forms, from refusing to promote or hire people because of their age to failing to give training opportunities or promotions to women because they are pregnant or have children. Discrimination is not the mere failure to hire or promote a person. Rather, it’s necessary to prove a link between the employment decision and the person’s race, age, or other protected status. That “link” can be difficult to establish.

Landlord-Tenant Law

Representation of Landlords

Landlords seeking legal representation with tenant disputes and eviction proceedings need an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable about the Connecticut landlord-tenant laws, Connecticut rent control, and eviction control provisions, including just cause evictions, owner-occupancy evictions “OMI”, rent non-payment, nuisances, and breach of covenants such as lease subletting restrictions. Landlords do have substantial legal rights and procedural advantages even in strong tenants’ rights in the State of Connecticut.