Law enforcement devotes great resources to investigating drug offenses, and the harsh punishments are out of proportion to the crime. If you are caught up in the so-called war on drugs, you will need a skilled and experienced lawyer to protect you.

At the Law Offices of Jodi Zils Gagne, LLC, we understand what is at stake and we know how to respond to drug charges. Our attorney will vigorously defend your rights and thoroughly examine the government’s case. We will make every effort to avoid a drug conviction or limit the consequences.

Jodi Zils Gagne is an experienced trial lawyer who is committed to the best possible outcome, through courtroom proceedings or through the most favorable plea negotiations. She handles state and federal drug charges in Hartford County, Litchfield County, Tolland County and Central Connecticut, including:

  • Possession of marijuana
  • Possession of controlled substances (cocaine, crack, PCP, heroin)
  • Possession of prescription drugs (oxycodone, etc.)
  • Prescription fraud
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Intent to distribute near a school or housing project
  • Conspiracy and drug trafficking

Illegal Search And Seizure And Other Drug Crime Defenses
Fighting The Charges · Negotiation · Appeals

A first offense of drug possession may qualify for a diversionary program to avoid a drug conviction on your record. However, if there are enhancing factors — prior convictions, probation violations, weapons charges, large quantity of drugs, involvement of minors — you could be facing mandatory prison time. Either way, you need the advice and representation of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Ms. Gagne exhausts all possible defenses, such as Fourth Amendment violations (invalid search and seizure), Miranda rights, entrapment or weaknesses in the prosecution’s attempt to tie the drugs to you. If we cannot get the charges dismissed or evidence excluded, we will explore plea negotiations to mitigate the consequences or defend you at trial.

The Law Offices of Jodi Zils Gagne also handles appeals and post-conviction relief in drug cases, on the basis of unjust punishment, ineffective assistance of counsel or other grounds for challenging your detainment, conviction or sentence.

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