Just because you had “your day in court” doesn’t mean that justice was done. The outcome could have been skewed by constitutional violations, judicial error, prosecutor misconduct or your lawyer’s incompetence. Or maybe the conviction was justified but the sentence was not.

The Law Offices of Jodi Zils Gagne, LLC, provides experienced legal counsel for criminal appeals and post-conviction relief. Our Bristol law firm represents clients in Hartford County and throughout Connecticut in appellate matters and sentence revisions.

Hartford Post-Conviction And Appellate Law Attorney

Criminal defense lawyer Jodi Zils Gagne actually began her criminal law career representing citizens in post-conviction petitions. Over the years, she has filed dozens of writs and appeals, with her share of successes in a complex area of the law where many attorneys fear to tread.

Ms. Gagne can review the facts of your case to determine if it is worth the effort and expense to pursue appellate court or superior court relief:

  • Sentence modification— If you were sentenced to a prison term of three years or less, we can petition the sentencing court or the judge to reduce the sentence. (The court can modify certain sentences of more than three years only if the prosecutor agrees, which is rarely the case.)
  • Sentence review — If the prison sentence was greater than three years, you can apply to the state Sentence Review Commission. The independent three-judge panel can decrease the sentence or keep it the same — orincreasethe sentence — so that risk must be considered before requesting review.
  • Appeal— An appeal is a review of the trial record. No new evidence or testimony is considered. We must demonstrate errors or misconduct during the trial that likely affected the outcome. The appeals court can overturn the conviction, send the case back to the trial court, or uphold the lower court decision.
  • Writ of habeas corpus— A petition for a writ of habeas corpus asserts that a person has been held in jail or sentenced to prison illegally. The petitioner might argue, for instance, that the arrest was unconstitutional, that the trial was prejudiced or that the sentence exceeded the maximum. The most common basis for a habeas corpus petition is ineffective assistance of counsel. Ms. Gagne will review your records to see if your previous attorney made grievous mistakes or failed to provide a competent defense. If the writ is granted by the Superior Court, the criminal charges are put back as if you were newly arrested. At that point the prosecutor could try the case again or perhaps offer a more favorable plea deal.

Do You Have Grounds For Post-Conviction Relief?

If you believe you were illegally confined, wrongly convicted or unfairly sentenced, Jodi Zils Gagne can explore your legal options. She has handled appeals and writs in state and federal courts of Connecticut.

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